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Ljutomer, the heart of Prlekija, was first mentioned as a settlement in 1249 and it became a borough in 1265. It was devastated by plagues and fires and it had to defend itself against Turkish and Hungarian raids. The concept of the United Slovenia was embodied here in the first mass meeting of nationally minded Slovenes in 1868. Ljutomer was given town status in 1927. The tradition of the Slovenian national awakening of the 19th century is continued by the library, the museum, the art gallery, The Horsemen’s Association and different clubs.

Jeruzalem with its holy name, energetic vibes, wine road with top white wines, exquisite viewpoints and pilgrimage church has every right to be named a place of heaven. Already the crusaders looking for their way to the today's Israeli Jerusalem in the 13th century were convinced.


Cycling routes
Cycling trails, which altogether measure 135 km, are thematic and for each of them there is a special map showing all the attractions and culinary offerings one can easily find along the way. On all the trails there are large direction signs. The starting point for all the cycling trails is Ljutomer but it is also possible to start from other places. To make your trip to Prlekija easier some bicycles which you can borrow are available at the Local Tourist Board Prlekija Ljutomer.

The route winds through the valley, from where it climbs steeply on one of the countless hills. Chapels, castles, vineyards and ponds are interwoven, drawing attention away from the endless landscape and plains. A traveller rushing will fail to notice anything, while an attentive observer will stop in the face of the greatness of nature that shaped this scenery that touches your inside and helps you to feel your soul.

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