Museum of Tržič

Tržič Museum, Muzejska 11, 4290 Tržič


+386 (0)4 5315 500

Open: Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00–18.00

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Modern, interesting and interactive exhibitions. 


In the Museum of Tržič you can see the permanent exhibition of trades, of which the shoemaking collection – the largest of its kind in Slovenia – is particularly noteworthy. On the ground floor two rooms house the permanent exhibition of the Slovenian Skiing Museum.

Shoemakers of Tržič.

 Shoemakers of Tržič

Over five hundred exhibited artefacts tell the story about the past life and work of shoemakers and about what kind of footwear from Tržič and elsewhere people used to wear. The display cases are complemented by audio-visual material and creative corners for children and adults.


Prikaz predelave usnja z ilustracijami - Tržiški muzej.

Leather of all colours

In this exhibition we become acquainted with the life and tradition of the tanners of Tržič, how they transformed hides into leather and leather products.

The exhibition shows how leather was used for footwear, clothing, various accessories, furniture, sports equipment, musical instruments, transport and other uses.


Slovenian skiing museum.

Slovenian skiing museum

Tržič is one of the cradles of sport skiing in Slovenia so it is no coincidence that the Slovenian Skiing Musuem has chosen Tržič as its location.

The modern museum exhibition shows how skiing developed from prehistoric times to the present day. Numerous skis are on display, from old skis from Bloke to the most modern ones, and all the remaining equipment: poles, boots and clothing. The old way of making shoes in wheelwrights’ workshops is also shown. 


Kurnikova hisa - Kurnik’s house.

Kurnik’s house

Kurnikova hiša, one of the oldest and best preserved buildings in the old town centre was built in the mid-18th century.

Kurnikova hiša has been transformed into an ethnological museum which shows what the interiors of houses looked like in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In one of the rooms the life and literary work of Vojteh Kurnik (1826–1886), one of the first Slovenian patriots, a poet and collector of folk songs, popular sayings and tales, is presented.


Ljubelj south concentration camp.

Ljubelj south concentration camp

The memorial of national significance which is the Ljubelj concentration camp is an extensive area with the remains of the foundations of the concentration camp: the huts, bathrooms, kennel, clinic, kitchens, all marked with signs. At the locations where the watchtowers once stood, larch trees have been planted and where the camp perimeter fence once stood, spruce trees now grow. In the cellar of the former kitchen, a memorial room has taken shape over the years which is dedicated to all the victims of concentration camps.

On the other side of the road in the memorial room of the Ljubelj concentration camp there is a display of objects from the camp including clothes, shoes, tools, documentation connected with the camp etc. A special place in the exhibition is dedicated to those who were killed in the camp. The exhibition explains the Nazi concentration camp system and presents documentation connected with the functioning of the camp.



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