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Vojkova 9A, 5280 Idrija


+386 (0)8 20 04 250, +386 (0)5 37 50 650

Welcome to Hotel Jožef, the place of nice memories
Hotel Jožef is a boutique hotel located between the historical city centre of Idrija and the entrance to the Mine Museum, which was in 2012 added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. The surrounding area of the hotel is characterized by a unique historical background and serves as an excellent starting point for cultural, educational and adventurous experiences.

This modern and functionally equipped four-star hotel is the right choice for those looking for comfort and superior service, only a few hundred meters away from unspoiled nature. The nature park, the river and the lake offer endless opportunities for walks in nature, exploring, cycling and recreational fishing.

The place where the present and tradition are intertwined
At the junction of historical, cultural and technical routes of Idrija, the hotel stands as a link between the past and the present, modern time and rich tradition, which is also reflected in the architecture of the hotel. The modern and ecologically designed building with a unique image in the form of a mining furnace pays homage to the technical and cultural heritage of the city. The facade made of cast iron plates with the addition of copper changes its colour depending on the time of year and the amount of light leaving the impression that you always keep entering a new building where a new experience awaits you already at the entrance. The view of the building on a beautiful sunny day gives the impression of a glowing mining furnace. The big round windows fill up with light and conjure a fresh, pleasant and calm atmosphere.

The hotel has eleven elegantly furnished double rooms and one apartment that offer a comfortable and relaxing stay as well as privacy and quietness. The hotel is equipped with a lift and adapted for people with special needs. Hotel guests can use free Wi-Fi and parking.

The symphony of tastes in Restaurant Jožef
Restaurant Jožef follows the style of the hotel by offering both traditional and contemporary dishes. In the restaurant you can find a rich selection of fresh fish, meat and vegetables with a touch of local cuisine, as well as local and organically grown wines.

Our staff
A warm smile, professionalism and superior service are the trademarks of our staff, who takes care of our guests at Hotel Jožef 24 hours a day.



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