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Dobrna 12, 3204 Dobrna


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A good taste that remains …
The Triglav Inn which caresses your soul and stomach, already stood for an important provider of hospitality services in the times of Austrian-Hungarian empire, and people loved coming here to indulge their taste buds. Even today we are bound to our grannies' culinary tradition and ingredients from our surrounding, but we are no strangers to new culinary trends as well. Cuisine of the seasonal character will create a special experience for any occasion – the wedding celebration, anniversary, birthday party, the finish of the trip or Sunday lunch with your family. Local farmers guarantee that the ingredients, used to prepare our specialties, have not travelled thousands of kilometers, but have been carefully taken care of and chosen by our people, they have grown and ripened in the near gardens, fields and forests around us, swum in our creeks and lakes and grazed on our pastures to land fresh on your plate.
Delicious masterpieces of our Chef are going to satisfy the most demanding tastes, and it just might happen, that you discover a delicious dish you could not have anywhere else – you might keep coming back for them.

Triglav in the middle of Dobrna
The Triglav hotel tells the story of people, who arrive happy and leave satisfied – it was built in 1932 and renovated in 2014. The Triglav hotel has everything a hotel needs for a cozy rest and well-being of its guests: a modern reception, an inn with top culinary offer, a pavillion, a parking lot, free wireless network to connect with the world and above all, a well trained and kind team, who will take care of you from your arrival. It is located in the center of Dobrna and offers easy access to all the natural and cultural attractions of the place – and just 200 meters further there is the oldest working thermal spa in Slovenia, Terme Dobrna.

The nights you will never forget
The Triglav hotel*** offers the following rooms for your cozy and pleasant stay:

• 8 rooms with two beds
• 2 rooms with one bed
• 4 rooms with three beds
• a larger appartment

All the rooms are airy, modern and warm, each of them has a bathroom with a shower and hair drier, a spacious wardrobe, TV set and free Wi-Fi for you to share your precious moments with others. Our kind staff will be available for you, when you need them.

For a healthy body and soul …
Terme Dobrna is an atractive destination in this green jewel. But from there there are many possibilities in every direction to actively seek new experience, treasures from the past, views to rest your eyes, and yourself. You can sweat out in the fitness studio, or on the tennis and voleyball playgrounds, play giant chass or knock the jack, or you can try some of the hiking or biking routes. Spa park with its chestnut avenue and Kneipp's spring of health, Drenovec creek that fills the Dobrnica with its flow, the Ledenica cave, that used to keep drinks for the noble company cool, Hudičev graben (Devil's Gorge) that stirs your imagination and adrenaline with its name alone, the humming Šumečnik waterfall, the blooming Daja valley, Žeblarjeva peč with a neat climbing path, forrests and meadows, that lead to Paški Kozjak with Planinski dom and Koška ura clock, which told people in the past, when it was time for lunch... are unselfishly available for you to discover them. Moderate climate, healing thermal water, rich natural and cultural heritage tell their story layer by layer, and with each answer a new question will arise and offer you new possibilities to spend your time here.



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