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We offer accommodation in the heart of Slovenian Istria - in the Houses of Slovenian Istria. The houses are located in the midst of a vineyard and offer a magnificent view over the Koper/Trieste Bay. The houses are designed in an architectural style that is typical of Istria with the following defining elements:the roof dvokapnica (literally a roof with two ridges), a stone arch replica, wooden window, doors, rough plaster and façade colour, characteristic of the post World War II period architecture in Istria.

Nature, tradition, culture, peacefull

Guests have the opportunity to gather herbs, fruits and vegetables that are in season. These can ban found in front of each of the three houses. They can also enjoy a nice glass of the local Refošk wine.

The interior of the houses is decorated with authentic 19th Century/early 20th Century furniture. The interior in each of the houses also reveals the history of Slovenian Istria as well as the stories of the local Šavrinke women. Šavrinke were our grandmothers who were selling and smuggling homemade products to the big market at Trieste.

It is a tribute to the female ancestors of this area that as proud Istrian women knew how to get past the trials and tribulations that came in their way.

The project Houses of Slovenian Istria received an award at the MOK Idea Development Competition 2011 for the best Innovative Project Idea Generator under the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Each house is an individual unit and can accommodate up to 3 persons.

Guests can choose from three houses, named after the local Šavrinke women:

  • Jajčarica – Egg woman (accommodates two persons),
  • Krušarica – Bread woman (accommodates two persons),
  • Mlekarica – Milk woman (accommodates three persons)

The houses are set up on a camping ground, they do not have electricity or water, the appropriate facilities are set up separately.

Guests will receive the necessary equipment for the appropriate lighting upon arrival.

Tents can be set up next to the houses for larger groups.

Nearby the apartments we also have turistical apartments and rooms.



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