Zlatarna Celje Bled, Grad 212

Cesta svobode 9, 4260 Bled


+386 (0)4 576 72 50

Jewellery of Zlatarna Celje is inviting you to feel it on your skin ...

Jewellery manufacturing in Celje has a long and rich tradition. The beginnings of craftsmanship go back to the year 1844, when production began and has been preserved until today. Our long tradition is based on proprietary exquisite design and craftsmanship by well known goldsmith masters in Celje complemented by modern technology.

We offer superior diamond and gold jewellery that always attracts with a recognizable style. Our silver line Lencia has become more modern from year to year and exudes extravagance and luxury. Lencia is perfect for the modern and confident woman who knows what she wants. One of them is our world-cup skier Tina Maze which has designed jewellery with the help of our designers and goldsmiths that has led to two collections bearing her name. In addition to designer jewellery we offer fashionable Charm bracelets with a variety of amulets that will delight your loved ones or yourself. The silver line Lencia is also complemented with a range of fashionable watches.

In addition to a wide choice of fashion gold and silver jewellery, Zlatarna Celje also boasts the largest range of wedding rings in Slovenia. When designing wedding rings, we follow global trends and add trendy designs in red and pink gold to our extensive collection of classic yellow and white gold. All of our wedding rings are decorated with diamonds of highest quality. 

In addition to gold and silver jewellery we also offer investment gold, from 1 gram and 5 gram gold bars packed as a variety of gift cards to bars of greater weight as well as investment coins.

Recognized global brands such as Pandora, S.T. Dupont, Damiani, D & G and Breil, also trust Zlatarna Celje and their prestigious products can be found in Zlatarna Celje stores.

ZLATARNA CELJE - Let "Dreams of gold and diamonds" become your everyday...

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