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started as an idea. Well, not an idea, a wish. A wish to have a something, a place, a restaurant that would be different, one “for the soul.”
When we opened CUBO three years ago, it turned out this wish was shared by many people. It was common to seemingly very different people, from an engineer to a heart surgeon, a graphic designer, a hairdresser, a painter . . . For all these people, CUBO has become a meeting point, a place where we come together and exchange impressions and ideas: what the family recipe is for tarragon potica, how a cute little restaurant in Thailand is furnished, what service is like in the world’s finest restaurants, which wines go well with chocolate desserts, how pasta Siciliana tastes in Sicily, what we cooked for Sunday lunch . . .
CUBO embraces these ideas and builds on them. Only by doing this are we able to grow constantly and offer our guests something new, interesting, and exciting. Enter CUBO at any time and you’ll find a picturesque mixture of guests: a group of businessmen on a working lunch, a family with small children celebrating grandmother’s birthday, a media celebrity in for an early evening snack, a couple in love having a romantic dinner. Some wearing jeans, others in jacket and tie, some even in formal evening apparel. And all of them feeling comfortable, at home. This is what we are most proud of and what we consider our greatest achievement.
CUBO is therefore not one single person—a charismatic owner or a star chef—as is common nowadays. CUBO is all of us who work here and you our guests.
We have recently published our first book—CUBO desserts. Many expressed reservations about our decision to reveal CUBO recipes, but we aren’t worried. A dessert that delights a guest in CUBO takes much more than just the recipe: the cook who makes the dessert, another cook who decorates and prepares it for serving, the waiter who knows how to present it and suggest the one you will enjoy most. For these tasks, you are on your own. I am sure you will be successful, and the entire CUBO team and I am happy that our circle of friends will thus acquire several new members.

Boštjan Trstenjak

Mon - Sat : 12.00 - 22.00
closed on Sunday and holidays



  • Fax: +386 (0)1 521 15 25


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