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Organic Farm Makek is located in a romantic alpine valley, 960 m. above the see, where in the ice age 20,000 years ago a mighty glacier of Mountain Makek Kočna stretched its long ice tongue and shaped our present landscape.

Jezersko panoramaOver 500 years ago, our ancestors began to cultivate this landscape and to live with its ruff nature. Today our property stands as a magnificent witness of Slovenian cultural heritage in one of the most beautiful of its valleys.
Your stay at our farm will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the amphitheatric mountain scenery of the Kamnisko – Savinjske Alps

The peaceful and sunny location in our unspoiled nature will procure your good mood and help to ensure that you´ll return back home from this holiday full of new forces.
The climate here is subalpine and the air rich on ozone. No wonder the Alps are from very beginning known as source of the live. Combine your relaxation with daily exercise on the fresh air in unspoiled nature.

Because we take special care about our environment and health of the life on it, and want to contribute actively something for this, we run our farm since year 2000 under the rigorous biological norms. Take a look at our organic garden, our on free air leaving animals , and enjoy the difference of an life- conscious philosophy.


To make your stay on our organic farm as pleasant as possible, we have used only the best natural materials to furnish our beautiful, country style rooms. Our handmade furnitures are therefore designed to accommodate demanding guests, who appreciate comfort and cosiness.

The original architechture of our house with its special characteristics, like the refurbished wooden beams,-and wainscots, has been enhanced by us further through the fitting of tasteful handmde wardrobes, beds, tables and wooden floor boards, as well as wollen carpets.

Families have the opportunity to book appartements with connecting doors.

All our superior-rooms include of course shower, WC, hair drier, Sat-Tv ,internet access, mini-bar, radio and private-safe at your disposal. Our most beautiful rooms are also situatet withthe view facing the south onto the amasing mountain Kocna.

Genuine food from the farm’s organic garden and stable!

As we in the organic farm Makek want to give special attention to health and well-being of our guests, the dishes in our kitchen are carefully prepared. Most organic food is home grown or from gardens of other surrounding farms. Our motto is to serve healthy and homemade meals to our guests.

In our farm house we servehealthy breakfasts with a choice of fruit and vegetables, cereal delicacies, whole meal homemade bread, marmalade, honey, organic meat, Jezersko cow alpine milk and milk products, as well as regional dishes such as masovnek and zganci.

We invite you to try the local diner, where you awaited by the creations of our housewives. Carefully selected, freshly prepared and free of industrial substitutes. Our meals with plenty of farmers’ note come directly from the stove to your table.

To our meals we recommend Slovenian bio wines, as well as organic juices.

Breakfast: we serve breakfast from 8.00am to 10.00am
In August or in case of busy vacancies we offer a self-service buffet in the breakfast room.
Lunch: from 13.00pm to 14.30pm
Dinner: from 19.00pm to 21.00pm
For vegetarians: we are happy to prepare special meals at your requests.

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