Bioterme Mala Nedelja - Thermal Water Park

Moravci v Slovenskih goricah 34b, 9243 Mala Nedelja


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Bioterme Thermal Water Park
Our guests may take during the summer season advantage of 2000 m2 of outdoor and indoor water areas in 14 swimming pools with water temperatures between 27 and 38°C for relaxation and recreation. Between the winter season are operating all indoor and 3 outdoor swimming pools with the total of 800 m2  of water areas.

The thermal water
Bioterme are distinguished by the thermal mineral water originating from two sources at a depth of 2,273m and 1,537m. The pure, with nothing added, warm, hyper-thermal, high-quality water is rich in sodium, potassium and hydro carbonates. Due to its balneological characteristics it is suitable for recreation, sports and especially for health care purposes, since it has beneficial effects on the motor system and spinal function.

Recommended for:

  • degenerative chronic change of the spine, limb joints,
  • rheumatic diseases ,
  • physiotherapy after  insufficient medical treatment,
  • reflex dystrophy, muscle flaccidity reinforcement,
  • preventive exercises of spine, joints, and physical therapy to prevent osteoporosis,
  • recreation, underwater massage, sports activities.

It is one of the few drinkable thermal waters and is suitable for per oral treatment, soothing the stomach, bleary and urinary disorders and promotes well-being.

The healing effects of the water are classified and adopted within the Decision on Natural Medicinal Product Proclamation of the Ministry of Health No. 1612-9/2009/13., Janez Kraševec, MD., Balneologist has been investigated the therapeutic effects of thermal water. We are developing a modern health centre at the Bioterme hotel where we already offer dental services, ecological pharmacy and therapeutic massages.

Hotel Bioterme ****
Everything we do is based on the unspoilt natural surroundings; sincere, genuine and homely!” Hotel Bioterme**** is a new feature on the Slovenian tourist map which by focusing on environmentally friendly accommodation together with providing high-quality services is superior to the existing offer on the market and sets a new standard in the field of green tourism. At Bioterme Mala Nedelja the harmony with nature is intertwined with all of the options of sustainable living, the much needed feature during our holidays and in our daily lives. We invite you to experience all the advantages of healthy accommodation at affordable prices.

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