Terme Snovik

Ecoworld of thermal pleasures, Snovik 7, 1219 Laze v Tuhinju


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The local people have long spoken of special waters that flow even in the midst of winter and “soothe” all manner of ailments. In 2008, the thermal waters of Terme Snovik were officially declared a natural healing agent.

Our water contains no impurities and is rich in magnesium, calcium and other beneficial minerals. It is an excellent drinking water and has xceptional bathing qualities.

Water temperature: indoor pool 32° - 36° C, outdoor pool 26° - 28° C.

Medical Indications:

  • back alignment,
  • poor posture,
  • post-traumatic and post-surgical convalescence,
  • chronic rheumatic degenerative diseases,
  • joint stiffness and arthritis,
  • lumbar sciatica,
  • meniscal injuries,
  • osteoporosis prevention

Apartment complex "Houses on the edge of the forest"

Apartment complex Eco spa Snovik 4 *, which we named ˝Houses on the edge of the forrest˝due to its location, extends over the thermal complex. The complex is build with environmentally friendly standards in mind and is modern equiped. 74 apartments and 31 double rooms offer quality accommodation and views of green valley and surrounding mountains. For the most demanding tastes we offer a superior apartment.

6 apartments have access adapted for disabled people (object Smreka), in 6 apartments pets are welcome (object Bor). In the shadow of the apartments are located parking spaces for cars, greens, playground for children. Around the apartments you can find gym in nature, flower beds and gardens with medicinal plants.

The gym in nature, which consists of 12 items and 9 exercise fitness equipment, connecting them 3km long jogging path, enable its visitors perfect conditions for a healthy and active relaxation in unspoilt surroundings.

At the reception and in the restaurant Potočka we provide you free wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access. We provide also the possibility of free computer use at reception.



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