Holiday Village Pristava

Pristava nad Stično 4, 1295 Ivančna Gorica, Country Slovenija


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Turistična Vas Pristava (The Holiday Village Pristava) is composed of four farms. Fifty year ago the well-know Partisan lodge was built on Pristava. After it closed down it was Izletniški turizem Okorn, a tourist farm that carried on the tradition of offering food and refreshments on this excursion destination. Today, joint under the name Turistična Vas Pristava, we offer you agricultural and other products that can be enjoyed on unique locations near the woods or elsewhere on our beautiful plateau.

Each of the four farms is named as it was named of old: Pr Lampret, Pr Okornu, Pr Mežnar and Pr Tonijevih. The unique eating locations are just one aspect of what we have to offer – we have a caravan site, a wooden hut, suitable for two, a picnic place with camp fire and on weekends we offer you home cooked meals. The nature that surrounds us offers a lot of space for merrymaking with the children.

Nowadays spending your free time actively is of ever higher importance. We have a children playground, pedal go-karts as well as volleyball and football fields. There are five hiking trails near Pristava, suitable for cycling as well, each with a different degree of difficulty. You can of course pick your own difficulty level. Visitors can visit the Cistercian Abbey Stična or the church of Saint Lambert on Pristava. The chateau of Virida Visconti, a noblewoman from Milan, once stood in its vicinity. Near the Partisan lodge top Pristava there are two memorials. One is dedicated to the fallen Partisan fighters while the other was erected to mark the independence of Slovenia.

Welcome to our village, the Holiday Village Pristava!

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