Haler Homestead Olimje

Olimje 6, 3254 Podčetrtek


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A stone’s throw from Podčetrtek near the Terme Olimia spa, there is a hill called Olimska gora. At the foot of the hill, there is a valley and in that valley is a small town called Olimje. Our homestead is located in this wonderful and pleasant environment. The Helar homestead is approximately 3km away from the renowned Terme Olimia spa and 1km from the famous Olimje monastery.

We offer home-made beer which we brew in our brewery. Together with good beer and delicious home-made wine, our renovated restaurant also offers a wide choice of meals. We also offer accommodation for an affordable price.

We try to take care of the environment, so a year ago, we switched to the wood biomass heating (wood chips) and through the summer we heat water with solar panels.

Years ago we also repeatedly participated in the summer campaign of the newspaper Nedelo, where we got a number of awards for various types of beer.


We offer also a playgroud for football, basketball, handball, etc. By the apartment building is also a smaller playground for children and young at heart.

On the field next to the apartment building you can prepare picnics and tournaments, which you can organize by yourself or leave the organization to us. We offer our apartment guests also cheaper tickets for pools in Terme Olimia spa.

Nearby you can also visit:

  • Monastery Olimje
  • Terme Olimia
  • Land of fairytales and fantasy
  • Chocolate factory Syncerus
  • Deer farm Jelenov Greben
  • A-golf Olimje
  • Castle Podsreda

In modern equipped brewery and restaurant we have:

  • 160 seats indoors and
  • 50 seats on covered terrace.
  • There is also free parking.

Together with a lager of a good home-made beer we can offer you:

  • House specialties (roasted port leg with coating, Haler plate, Haler goulash, Pivska sausage, steak with “Kajmak”, etc.),
  • Wide choice of a la carte dishes,
  • Fish and calamari, and
  • Brick oven pizza.

After a delicious meal we offer you also a wide range of desserts. We also have affordable menus for larger groups.

We also have special menus for your youngest:

  • Mojca`s mini pizza and ice-cream,
  • Kekec plate (Wiener schnitzel, pommes frites, and ice-cream),
  • Rožle plate (grilled turkey steak, pommes frites, and ice-cream).

We offer a coloring book with crayons, outdoor playground with swings and a roundabout for children. There is also a big football field with a basketball field by the forest, were you can also rent a ball.

Our restaurant is famous for very delicious cooking, since we are preparing premium a la carte meals. We can also prepare you excellent vegetarian dishes and special diet a la carte meals. Experts and people with a sweet tooth like to come back.

We have many years of experience with organizing various events for:

  • birthdays,
  • anniversaries,
  • Christmas meetings,
  • business meetings,
  • different events,
  • meetings and seminars.

Private gourmet evenings

Do you want a celebration that is a bit different and taste gourmet specialties of our chef then we are the right choice for you.



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  • Fax: +386 (03) 812 12 27


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