Koča pri čarovnici

Land of fairy tales and fantasy, Olimje 104, 3254 Podčetrtek


+386 (0)31 309 103

Koča pri čarovnici is situated about a kilometer from the Olimje monastery, where everyone – big or small – can enter a world of fairy tales and get to know a number of fairy tale characters, such as Kekec, Bedanec, Krjavelj, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and more.

A little dwarf on the balcony greets and welcomes you. While walking through the forest, you’ll come across witches and characters from Slovenian and foreign literature. If you like, you can help the mayor of Butale find a bandit called Cefizelj. Along the way, you can see all seven dwarfs from the fairy tale of Snow White, including Fič Firič who prefers stargazing to working in the mine. You’ll also remember the story about Twinkle Sleepyhead and hurry past witch Čiri Bura and Bedanec – he is asleep and snoring like an old bear. You can also try to blow away the dragon from the “Žogica Nogica” puppet play.      
In the cabin, which is visible from the road, you can visit a museum of how they lived in the old days. The members of the Carrot family (all 15 of them) lived here about 100 years ago and were all working hard. Children were ironing and grinding barley for coffee or corn for polenta. Grandma was spinning the wheel, while grandpa played the accordion. Andrejček, the youngest, was sleeping in his crib and Ana, the schoolgirl, was writing on a slate. The other family members were working outside: men were chopping wood for winter, making brandy and cutting grass, while women were washing diapers in the creek, carrying water and gathering brushwood.
For those who like to travel, we have a big collection of souvenirs, stones and dolls wearing national costumes from all over the world.
In the forest, you’ll be accompanied by the sound of birds, green surroundings and a constant murmur of the streams. Nice thoughts and famous aphorisms will fill you with optimism – here you can rest your eyes, body and soul. The visit will leave you happy and full of positive energy.
Land of fairy tales and fantasy is open all day. The cabin with the museum is open for visitors on Saturdays, Sundays and during holidays from 10 am to 6 pm (and also by previous arrangement).
A few times a year, especially for Halloween, we offer a night visit of the Land. Torches, candles, oil lamps and other lights create a special atmosphere, including a living witch Kuni Gunda and the mayor of Butale – a philosopher with little to say.

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